PS3 Trophy Level Calculator

Method By Which To Calculate:
Level: Percent:

General Information:
Bronze Trophies are worth: 15 Points
Silver Trophies are worth: 30 Points
Gold Trophies are worth: 90 Points
Platinum Trophies are worth: 180 Points

Level 2 is at 200 Points
Level 3 is at 600 Points
Level 4 is at 1200 Points
Level 5 is at 2400 Points
Level 6 is at 4000 Points
After that is rises by 2000 for each level till level 12 at 16000 points
At level 13 it goes to 24000 and it increases by 8000 with each succeeding level.

Thanks to morphingryno of for his Trophy Points Guide, Kudos my friend!
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